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Wittenburg Law focuses on:

Estate Planning & Probate: Estate planning is as much about your family and other loved ones as it is about you and your death. If you die without an estate plan, or an ill-prepared plan, you may burden your family with a big mess. A well designed plan, updated as your circumstances change, provides you with a satisfying peace of mind in knowing that you did the best that you could for your loved ones. To learn how Bonnie Wittenburg of Wittenburg Law today can help you map a route to your peace of mind, call 952-649-9771 or contact the office online now.

Small Business Law: As a successful small business owner, you are special. You’ve done something that few people dare to do — forgo a paycheck with Big Company to design and build your own company. You spotted the opportunity for your business idea, and ran with it. However, in the euphoria of establishing a small business, owners too often take shortcuts that make them vulnerable from a liability standpoint or from a control standpoint with their business partners.  Wittenburg Law can help entrepreneurs avoid those missteps, and can help you with business contracts. Wittenburg Law also helps business owners develop succession plans for the eventual transfer of their business interests, whether the transfer be to your co-owners, family members, or whether you decide to sell your business.

Mediation/Arbitration: Family disputes may arise whenever money and/or family keepsakes are involved (even in happy families). Disputes arise in family businesses, too. Seek Wittenburg Law’s assistance early to help diffuse potential conflicts before disagreements get out of hand.

Whom you pick as your lawyer matters. There is no substitute for life experience, work experience and reputation when you need a problem solver, trusted advisor and confidant. More about Bonnie. We’ll work together to come up with options and solutions that map a route to your peace of mind.

UPCOMING SEMINARS: Wittenburg Law will present some seminars this winter through adult Community Education programs. Check the Community Education websites or catalogs for additional details.

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