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Why Bonnie?

What Bonnie loves most about her work is helping each client thoughtfully prepare for the client’s possible incapacity and eventual death in a way that brings peace of mind to both the client and his or her surviving loved ones.

For Bonnie, the most interesting part of her work, and often the saddest part of her work, are probate and trust administration. They are “interesting” and “sad” for the same reason. Namely, the chance to observe first-hand, in family after family, the behavior of surviving family members through the probate process or through post-death trust administration is an eye-opening education on human nature that can also be sad when conflicts arise.

Life experience is also a plus with estate planning. As a baby boomer, Bonnie understands what you are now experiencing, or may experience in the future because Bonnie’s life experiences include the deaths of her parents, deaths of friends, and her father’s ill-prepared succession plan for the family business. Indeed, Bonnie’s bad experience with her father’s estate plan is a key reason why she subsequently became an estate planning lawyer. Bonnie understands first-hand how important a good estate plan is to future generations, and how a bad one — or lack of an estate plan — can negatively impact family dynamics for years to come.

Bonnie’s first career was as a newspaper reporter for one of the then premiere newspapers in the country — The Des Moines Register. Ever listen to a lawyer and not understand what you just heard? Bonnie’s 10 years as a newspaper reporter honed her ability to explain complex concepts in easy-to-understand terms.

Because Bonnie’s career spans more than just legal work, she’s better equipped to help you. Bonnie’s business and financial acumen come from her upbringing in a family farm business, and from her pre-law careers in retail management and investment management.


  • Law degree: University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis
  • MBA: Columbia University, New York City
  • Undergrad: Drake University, Des Moines

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The purple is a tribute to my mother, who died before I started my own law firm. Purple was my mother's favorite color.